This blog began its life in January 2017 as an opportunity to improve my writing whilst doing a bit of travelling – hence the cheesy name. At that time, I was planning to head to New Zealand in March 2017 and was particularly inspired to create this blog during a short but wonderfully sweet trip to Jordan in September 2016 as part of my dissertation research.

Things changed in February 2017, for the better, and I’m now living and working indefinitely in Northern France, volunteering with a couple of amazing grassroots NGOs at l’Auberge des Migrants’ warehouse in Calais. This blog has become a useful outlet for me (and is far more interesting, I’m sure, than reading about my travel tales).

In late May 2018, I returned to Glasgow but continue to support Refugee Info Bus from afar as a trustee. I will be volunteering with various organisations in the UK including Scottish Detainee Visitors and Our Second Home over the next few months, and I’m sure that life will take me back to Calais in time.

For more information about the charities I’m working with, follow the links below.

Help Refugees

Refugee Community Kitchen

Refugee Info Bus

l’Auberge des Migrants

School Bus Project

Refugee Youth Service

Utopia 56


For regular updates on the situation from around the world, check out Are You Syrious?

For more updates from me and others working on the ground in Calais, follow The Warehouse Calais.