Frosty Reception

It’s cold, but you know that. It’s winter. It’s windy. It’s wet. It’s fairly miserable. But again, you know that, it’s winter. It’s cold so donate to us so that we can keep people dry but not necessarily warm or even dry really ‘cause the police take their tents and sleeping bags and everyone queues in the rain for food and kids still get excited at the sight of snow despite the fact that they have to sleep in it and it’s windy and it’s wet and it’s cold and it’s winter. Continue reading


An unaccompanied minor…no wait, people are bored of hearing that terminology…a teenage boy…yes, a genuine, thirteen year-old teenage boy, barely a teenager really, but wise beyond his years…a teenage boy draws lines in the sand with a broken nail, mapping out his journey. Detained here. Sent back home in a cage from here. A cage. His uncle died here. Belgrade was good. The police in Calais are good. All they do here is teargas you, 30 minutes later the pain is gone. Much better than other police in Europe.

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